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Whose problem?

A dear friend of mine posted a story on his blog. I liked the story. Hence, I decided to retranslate the story with a bit of changes and repost it here. So, I don’t know who is the real source … Continue reading

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NTFS with Read/Write Permission on MAC

You need a certain file system (FS) to access any storage device. FAT is the common choice on flash drives and memory sticks. However, FAT is  a very old file system and it has very limited features. Particularly on external … Continue reading

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MacFusion and MacFuse

Some professions require you to be connected to many servers. This means that most of the files that you need to edit are available on those servers. I am in the word of modeling (not the fashion modeling, but the … Continue reading

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Thanks to Microsoft and Windows Vista, I started using Mac OSX in 2007. I am a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). I really enjoyed using Windows XP. But due to my work and what I do professionally, using Linux systems or … Continue reading

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