Thanks to Microsoft and Windows Vista, I started using Mac OSX in 2007. I am a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). I really enjoyed using Windows XP. But due to my work and what I do professionally, using Linux systems or systems as close as possible to Linux is much more convenient. So, even on XP, I was always using Cygwin.

Anyway, this is not a post about comparing Windows Vista or Mac, particularly after these many years. We all know by now which OS is superior. This post is about WordWeb. Although using Mac and/or Linux system is much more compatible with my job. Yet, there are some softwares, such as ArcGIS, which are only available on Windows; hence, I need to have a windows system around. I have to admit it that I like Windows 7. They did a good job on it. I like it as equally as I liked Windows XP; OK, may be a little more.

One feature that I like on Mac OSX is that you can highlight a word and then right click or press command-control-D to get its meaning. You can do it almost anywhere. While reading a text file, a PDF, or even on the websites. This is a very useful feature, particularly for people like me whose first language or mother language is not English.

A simple search on Google, thanks to Google, I found a similar software for Windows platform. It is called WordWeb. Just search WordWeb on Google and you will get the website’s link.

What I like about WordWeb? Firstly it is free; nothing can bit a free software. Secondly, it does exactly what the dictionary in Mac OSX does; moreover, to my opinion it has some more features that are very handy to people like me who are not native English speaking. I am currently using this software on Windows 7 64bit version without any problem.

So get online, download it, and use the WordWeb. I am sure you are going to enjoy it.

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3 Responses to WordWeb

  1. ali mirtar says:

    Congrats on new blog 🙂

  2. Dany says:

    Good for you! Actually I think you are very merciful to Microsoft and Windows… I am very happy that I don’t have to use it any more, since I got a Mac note book 🙂

    Anyway what I most like from the article is the use of Command-Control-D to get the word meaning. Awesome!!! I didn’t know it :$

    Thanks for the hint!

  3. Hamid says:

    I really like it, Thanks mohammad jan,

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