Whose problem?

A dear friend of mine posted a story on his blog. I liked the story. Hence, I decided to retranslate the story with a bit of changes and repost it here. So, I don’t know who is the real source of the story. If you guys know, let me know so we can acknowledge the author here.

A mouse living in a farm house found out that the owner has put up a mouse trap to catch him. He went to the chicken, to the sheep and to the cow and warned them about the the mouse trap. They all said: “Ha, that’s not our problem. It is your problem. That’s why they call it a mouse trap.”

One day, a snake was trapped in the very same mouse trap. The house wife went to free the snake only to get bitten by the snake. The husband had to sell the cow to the slaughter house to pay for the doctor and the antidote and made a soup out of the chicken for his wife. Once the house wife fully recovered, they throw a party and barbecued the sheep to serve the guests. Meanwhile, the mouse was watching all these events and bemoaning the loss of his friends.

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