Sheldon and soup dilemma – Part I

Once Sheldon was sitting in the cafeteria, having a cup of soup. His friend, who was sitting next to him, asked “Is your soup hot?”.

The Sheldon answered: “How do you want me to answer this question. I can not answer your question.”

His friend said: “Why?”

Sheldon replied:

You did not specified if by hot you mean hot spicy or hot temperature!

Let’s assume that you are asking about the temperature. Now, hot for who? Of course, not me; since I am already eating this soup. If it was hot for me I wouldn’t have ate it. The very fact that I am eating this soup, already answers this question and there is no need to ask it again.

Do you mean if this is hot for you? But I don’t know what is the level of your tolerance. It might be hot for you or it might be not? First, I need to know the temperature above which you consider to be hot and then I can answer. The level, which I certainly don’t know anything about.

It can be safely assumed that this soup is hot for any baby; however, there might be a super baby who can even tolerate such temperature. Well, that is correct that I have never seen such a baby. but because I have not seen one, this doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Anyway, there is no baby around and you do not have any baby. So, you couldn’t mean that if the temperature of this soup is considered to be hot for a baby.

It is also impossible to answer this question for just any generic third person. Since, as it was said, each individual has different level of tolerance; therefore, it is not possible to answer this question in general.

In conclusion, if you meant hot temperature, this question can not be answered. You need to provide me with more information before I can answer it.

Now, the same goes for hot spicy. So, again it can not be answered and further information is needed.

It can be safely assumed that by hot you are not referring to visual appearance of this soup. First of all, that would be a really dumb question, second, the same logic can go for visual appearance, with this difference that there are more variety of visual factors, which you did not specified any of them; so, still this question can not be answered.

His friend: “Forget it! sorry to interrupt you!”

Sheldon replied: “But how can I forget it? You can not choose to forget something. But you can choose to ignore something. So, you are telling me to do something that I can not do! You should have said ignore it.”

His friend said: “OK! Then ignore it.”

Sheldon replied: “Of course, what else can I do? Unless, you provide me with more information, so I can actually answer it. By the way, if you wanted me to ignore your question , why did you ask it in the first place?”

His friend: “Ok! I want to know if the temperature of this soup is considered to be hot for me, and I can tolerate soups up to 180 degree F.”

Sheldon: “Up to 180 degree F? Does it include the 180 or excludes it?”

His Friend: “Includes it!”

Sheldon: “Well, do you have a thermometer?”

His friend: “Thermometer?”

Sheldon: “Yes, a thermometer to measure the temperature and then compare the temperature with 180 degree F that you just said. Then I can answer. Do you want to know the answer to your question or not?”

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One Response to Sheldon and soup dilemma – Part I

  1. Dany De Cecchis says:

    To kill Sheldon!!! IMG!!!! Hmmm I know a friend that he is a little like Sheldon 😛

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