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Harmonic ANalysis of Time-Series (HANTS)

Quite recently, I implemented the HANTS algorithm in MATLAB. HANTS originally was developed at NLR ( to remove the cloud effects and temporally interpolate data. The program is available free of charge from the provided link. HANTS can be used … Continue reading

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SEBS is now Available on GPU

Global High Resolution Estimation of Evapotranspiration – SEBS on GPU using CUDA-C I had a chance to come to the Netherlands and¬†collaborate¬†with a highly experienced team of hydrologist from the University if Twente – ITC ( During my visit, I … Continue reading

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Compiling CUDA-C program linked with NetCDF-4.1.3 (gcc and nvcc) – Mac OSX

Last Friday, I was working on compiling and linking a program that I have written previously, using CUDA-C, with NetCDF library. Well, may be it’s better to give some more details. I am now in the Netherlands working on some … Continue reading

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