SEBS is now Available on GPU

Global High Resolution Estimation of Evapotranspiration – SEBS on GPU using CUDA-C

I had a chance to come to the Netherlands and collaborate with a highly experienced team of hydrologist from the University if Twente – ITC ( During my visit, I worked on various projects related to Surface Energy Balance System (SEBS) algorithm, originally developed by Prof. Bob Su (resume). I was working under the supervision of Prof. Su and Dr. Joris Timmermans.

During my stay I implemented SEBS algorithm on Graphical Processing Units (GPU) using CUDA-C. SEBS is an algorithm to estimate Evapotranspiration along with other turbulent fluxes and parameters. The outputs of SEBS algorithm are:

  • Z0m: Roughness height for momentum transfer,
  • Z0h: Roughness height for heat transfer,
  • d0: displacement height,
  • Rn: Net Radiation,
  • G0: Ground heat flux,
  • H: Sensible heat flux,
  • LE: Latent heat flux,
  • Evap_Fr: Evaporative fraction,
  • Re_i: Relative evaporation
  • Ustar: Friction velocity,
  • H_DL: Sensible heat flux of dry condition,
  • H_WL: Sensible heat flux of wet condition,
  • Edaily: Daily Evapotranspiration,
  • Rndaily: Daily Net Radiation.

The CUDA-C implementation of SEBS algorithm achieved a speedup of about 380 times on Tesla M1060 NVIDIA cards, (compiled with -arch=sm11 -use_fast_math).

Further information can be found here.

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