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Slicing ArcGIS ASC files into tiles

There are times that you want to slice an ArcGIS RASTER file stored in ASC format into some smaller tiles. This could be due to lack of enough memory, or if you want to perform an operation, such as calculating … Continue reading

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Mounting a Folder through a firewall using SSH tunneling

Quite often it happens that you want to access a station located behind a firewall and use the file and documents that you have stored there. Particularly, if you are a grad student, you want to connect to your university … Continue reading

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Download MOD13A2, Convert, Graph NDVI using NCL scripts.

It’s been a while since I have started using the NCAR Command Language (NCL). To my opinion it is indeed a great tool to process data in geoscience and automate batch processing. Quite recently, couple of my friends asked me … Continue reading

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