New Timing on CUDA-C SEBS

Last summer, I attended the GPU Technology Conference (GTC2012) in San Jose, CA (click here for the home page of the conference). NVIDIA provided some of us with a GeForce GTX480 with 1.5GB memory. This GPU has 480 cores on it. It took me a while before I can install it on a system and it took me some more time before I can recompile CUDA-C implementatoin of SEBS algorithm on GTX480 and get some new timing. (sorry I was really busy).

Remember that previously I was able to get maximum 380 speed up on Tesla M1060 installed on a Dell Server with an extension which the GPU were installed on the extension (click here). This meant a 10 days calculation would be cut down into less than hour. (assuming that we are not bounded by reading and writing to hard disk, which we already reached that limit). This time I was able to get 554 times speed up on GTX 480. Look at the graph your self.

The New GTX 690 have 3072 computing cores on it. Well, I am hoping to be able to get one of these cards. If I get one of these new cards, I will recompile the code without changing anything and run it on GTX 690 and see how much more speedup do I get. I think I will need to increase the size of the problem to really get this beast busy computing. Let’s see. So, NVIDIA, when are you giving out some GTX 690s?

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