C, CUDA-C, and MATLAB interface to CUDA-C implementation of SEBS are available for public download now.

Finally, I uploaded the code and an example on how to use the code on code.google.com. You can access the C, CUDA-C, and MATLAB interface to CUDA-C. I am going to add some more documentation.

Just one note on MATLAB interfaces. You most probably need to first go to cu_src sub directory and issue make on your own system prior to using MATLAB interface. This will update the PTX files. I just briefly tested the MATLAB interface. It is faster than the Pure MATLAB version of SEBS. However, it is not as fast as CUDA-C version, once it is executed outside MATLAB. (well, it was expected to be like this anyway).

The code project is available on:


and the download instruction is on:



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