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Parallelizing loops in MATLAB – Nested parfor

parallelizing a loop in MATLAB could be as easy as changing: to However, you can not have nested parfor in matlab. So, the following will NOT work: An easy work around is to combine these two loops into one loop … Continue reading

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Interpolation Extrapolation and Curve-Fitting using higher order polynomial

There are numerous cases that you want to transfer data from one location (source grid) onto another locations (destination grid). Let’s say you have measured the concentration of some pollutants along the river every 1km from the river mouth. Now … Continue reading

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Slicing ArcGIS ASC files into tiles

There are times that you want to slice an ArcGIS RASTER file stored in ASC format into some smaller tiles. This could be due to lack of enough memory, or if you want to perform an operation, such as calculating … Continue reading

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