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Any technical tips that I am going to post, will be categorized under “Tech Tips”. Most of the posts would be about computer scripts or somehow related to computer.

Parallelizing loops in MATLAB – Nested parfor

parallelizing a loop in MATLAB could be as easy as changing: to However, you can not have nested parfor in matlab. So, the following will NOT work: An easy work around is to combine these two loops into one loop … Continue reading

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slow network connection on Ubuntu

I recently got a new PC with ASUS mainboard. I installed both Windows and Ubuntu 11.10.¬†Everything¬†was fine except that on Ubuntu, the connection was slow, quite often disconnected, downloads from the Internet were halted without being completed or they were … Continue reading

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exFAT for your USB Flash Drives

It is not that uncommon to use multiple different operating systems. I personally use Mac, Linux, and for some applications also Windows. In these situations it is not uncommon that you want to transfer file between different computers with different … Continue reading

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@ Attribute in MAC OSX and files being in use showing in gray

It happens sometimes that you want to open a file and the finder tells you: Oopsy, can’t do that. This file is being used. (well, of course in much more professional wording). You wonder, what program is using it? and … Continue reading

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Slicing ArcGIS ASC files into tiles

There are times that you want to slice an ArcGIS RASTER file stored in ASC format into some smaller tiles. This could be due to lack of enough memory, or if you want to perform an operation, such as calculating … Continue reading

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Mounting a Folder through a firewall using SSH tunneling

Quite often it happens that you want to access a station located behind a firewall and use the file and documents that you have stored there. Particularly, if you are a grad student, you want to connect to your university … Continue reading

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NCL Script to Get MODIS Latitude/Longitude

The NCAR Command Language (NCL) is a great software in processing and visualizing data in geosciences. If you haven’t installed it yet, go here. NCL handles many types of data such as NetCDF and HDF. More importantly, the interface to … Continue reading

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NCL Scripts to Download MODIS Data

MODIS products can be downloaded free of charge from “Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center (LP DAAC)”, (click here). There are different products available, with various spatial and temporal resolutions. Some are daily basis, while the others are available on … Continue reading

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Compiling CUDA-C program linked with NetCDF-4.1.3 (gcc and nvcc) – Mac OSX

Last Friday, I was working on compiling and linking a program that I have written previously, using CUDA-C, with NetCDF library. Well, may be it’s better to give some more details. I am now in the Netherlands working on some … Continue reading

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Running ILWIS on MAC OSX

Integrated Land and Water Information System (ILWIS) is a GIS-Remote Sensing (RS) software for windows operating systems. ILWIS was developed by ITC ( In July 2007, both the binaries and the source codes for ILWIS became freely available as-is under … Continue reading

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